How to build SEO friendly Single Page Applications?

How to make websites based on Angular, React, Vue.js etc. SEO friendly?

Angular, React, Vue.js, Ember are examples of popular frameworks and libraries used to develop special kind of AJAX websites called "Single Page Application". Websites using such frameworks or libraries can be indexed by implementing new the Dynamic Rendering recommendation as described below.

Here are the steps to follow when using SEO4Ajax to implement the Dynamic Rendering recommendation on your website:

  1. Create your account on SEO4Ajax and register your site
  2. Launch the crawl of the site in SEO4Ajax
  3. Configure your HTTP server by adding the snippet of code provided in the site settings
  4. Test the rendering with any tool able to do so (e.g. the preview in the Google Search Console)

You can get more information in the Getting started guide.

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