Making Ajax SEO friendly!

Having trouble indexing your Ajax content?

SEO4Ajax is THE premium online service that finally allows your Ajax website to be visible on Search Engines and Social Networks

Get started in 5 minutes

4 simple steps and your Ajax site is ready to be indexed!

  1. Login to the SEO4Ajax console
  2. Register your Site
  3. Start the SEO4Ajax crawler
  4. Embed the configuration snippet on your server

Detailed information on the Getting Started Guide

Why should you use SEO4Ajax?

Easy to Embed

Apache, nginx, PHP, Java EE, Ruby, Python, Node.js whatever type of server, configure your stack in just a few lines!

Full Bots Compatibility

Whichever search engine or social network you’re targeting, SEO4Ajax solution will adapt!

Works with All Frameworks

SEO4Ajax is fully functional, whatever frameworks or libraries you are using - jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS, Ember.js, etc

Size is Not an Issue

Thousands or millions of pages, SEO4Ajax is built to scale and can handle any type of project!

Some of our customers

SEO4Ajax helps us reveal the secrets of building web application sites, without loosing the ability to gain organic traffic. It lets you quickly iterate the product using modern web technologies in the browser, and add SEO over it without any hassle.
The combination of its flexible and solid platform with the proactive feedback of their staff, is the kind of rocking service that one wishes to have in every provider.
Phillip Neumann - CTO at Betazeta
Betazeta logo
SEO4Ajax was very simple to use and anytime I came across an issue, the support team was quick to respond to my questions. Our site has seen a large increase in organic search traffic from Google since we’ve used it.
Sean Hill - Lead Web Developer at Comfy
Rentcomfy logo
SEO4Ajax is great because it's simple to set up, easy to fine-tune, and reliable. We were able to start serving our static pages with only a few clicks, and can make fine adjustments easily through the console. Customer service has been fantastic. Highly recommend!
Ian Campbell - Co-founder at What Goes With This?
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Everybody wins with Ajax, and it just got better with SEO4Ajax!

How Does Ajax Benefit Your End-User?

  • more enjoyable navigation experience
  • faster page speeds, visually more reactive
  • better web page functionality and usability

How Does Ajax Benefit You?

  • boost your audience by creating interactive web applications
  • increase time spent on your site by making web pages feel more responsive
  • save money by using fewer server resources